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I am immensely grateful to Thomas for assisting me with my diploma thesis! We calmly worked out the statistics together using the screen-sharing function. Despite not being a natural at statistics, I was able to understand and present them at my defense without any problems. Thomas, a friendly and highly competent statistician, offers an ideal solution, especially when time is short, through his short-term online booking system. For me, Thomas was a godsend!

Dr. Alexander S.

Thomas tremendously assisted me with Statistics for Psychology. He can provide a solution for any statistical problem, nothing is too complicated for him! Moreover, he quickly comprehends the issue at hand. He is also extremely reliable, always super motivated, and very personable. I was very impressed by his competence - it couldn't get any better!

Mio R.

Thomas perfectly assisted me with my tasks today. His explanations were understandable and precise. The nearly 2 hours with him as a tutor were worth every penny.

Gabriel F.

If I could, I would give more than 5 stars. Thomas has the ability to quickly comprehend any complex problem, analyze it, and then explain it in an understandable manner. He is both professional and approachable. He is always available for spontaneous queries, even on weekends. I will certainly return to him for future questions or problems in the field of statistics and stochastics. Besides mathematical aspects, he also significantly assisted me with various simulation models using R and Python!

Marko A.

Thomas is simply outstanding. I prepared for a statistics exam for my studies with him and I can't remember a single question that he couldn't answer right away. He is an absolute expert in his field, I can wholeheartedly recommend him!

Viktoria S.

Thomas was enormously helpful to me in statistics (with the software R), as he can explain often complicated relationships in a comprehensible way. He is extremely competent, personable, and the lessons with him were always enjoyable. I definitely recommend him! :-)

Paulina F.

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